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The Power of Words For 2023

Have you ever thought of choosing one or two words or an affirmation that you wanted to transform yourself or commit to for the new year? I hadn't until I chose two words for 2022.

Throughout the year, I remembered the words I had chosen and realized I had manifested the meaning of those words for myself.

I had always set New Year's resolutions but those never seemed to stick. I seemed to disappoint myself or feel like let myself down. It seemed that choosing a significant word, for me, made more sense and was more meaningful. I was a little sceptical but open to it. I truly and carefully looked at my life to see what I wanted to create to keep myself moving forward. It worked. This year, I didn't disappoint myself.

Resolutions seemed to dissipate into the year but the power of a word or phrase was much more meaningful and powerful. So much so, it's the end of the year and while I reflect on the words I chose, it feels good I followed through on the powerful manifestation of its meaning and purpose for me.

If you have noticed that new year resolutions don't work for you, why not try choosing a word or affirmation that resonates with you. You may surprise yourself before year end. Know your truth and choose wisely.

Join me tomorrow for our year end midweek reset of 2023!

When? Every Wednesday at 1p

Where? PCSAM Church inWeymouth

How? RSVP here to reserve yourspot

You can follow the church on Instagram @pcsmc or our yoga class on YouTube.

Why? Because we support your self care.

Wishing everyone a wonderfully manifesting happy new year for 2023.

Love and self care blessings,



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