The Monkey Mind

Namaste PCS&M Tribe,

We have been holding space for our hearts this past month. It is my hope it has been nurtured by our practices here through these moments of self care.

With so much going on all around us, we are constantly fed information through our senses. Has it become challenging to find that quiet space or stillness? The mind has a way of telling our body we are in overload. Our minds may race from one thought to another, just as we jump from one activity to the next. This is our monkey mind at play. The monkey moves quickly jumping from branch to branch looking for the next thing that may be coming. It can’t help itself, it’s in its nature.

Our minds are very similar to that jumpy monkey. It races from thought to thought. Our eyes and ears, sense of touch, take in information that feeds our thoughts and actions.

For many, it can be very difficult to tame the monkey mind. We may not even be aware, we are so used to our thoughts racing. We can overthink, overlook and ignore the constant thoughts, worries, emotions, making excuses, ignoring our body and heart telling us to slow down. The monkey mind can really take us for a jungle ride!

How do we tame the monkey mind? You’ve come to the right pla