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Taking a pause, Is Taking Rest

Let's admit it, we are kicked up into high gear as Christmas is upon us. Many of us are beginning or already feeling to pressures of gatherings, gifting and making sure we survive December. Hopefully, with some cash still left in our pockets. Finances, another possible hidden stress.

We place a lot of stressors on ourselves. Why? If you are like me, it could be because we place expectations on ourselves on top of expectations people place on us. Whew! That already feels like a heavy load.

How does this affect us physically and emotionally? You can begin to feel run down, like you can't keep up. Or if you are keeping up, stress could affect the immune system. If we're on the run, we may forget to nourish our bodies, and grab whatever is easy. We may not be putting ourselves first. This can take a toll on our physical and emotional body. We can feel irritated, impatient and guilty. Our body can feel fatigue, digestive issues can arise and we may even be prone to headaches or other discomfort in our bodies, all affecting how we feel.

What about those of us who are missing someone dear or are away from family we love? This possibly places us in a triggering position. Some of us may not like the holidays for these very reasons. The days are short and the darkness is long. This can trigger sadness and depression. It could lead us to comfort ourselves in not the healthiest ways.

Our Awareness

Take a very deep breath. Let us take a step back, because we may not be getting the rest we need. When we rest, we repair. We know the holidays are about giving, spreading our joys. But let's be REAL. The holidays, for many, may be absolutely the most wonderful time of year. For others, it may be the most difficult time of year. Let's also honor those hearts.

Those of us who have children, we try our darndest to make it magical, especially for them. How do they feel the holidays? They feel it in their pure hearts more when they are rested. But when they are not, our children can bring in the chaos of what may be already brewing inside us.

The reality for many of us may be, we need to keep going. We need to keep up and catch all those flying emails. We may be closing out the year for school with events, Christmas concerts, our businesses, shopping, sales, trying to keep our sanity.

In the midst of our chaos, our awareness is key to finding a pause. If we cannot find the time to rest, then let's find a moment to pause. And if we don't make the effort for even a little self care, life will knock us down sick.

Are you behind the wheel rushing somewhere? Before you decide to step out of your car, take a pause. Can't seem to find a pause? Let's find our breath.

Our Toolbox

Remember when I wrote about square breathing? This is the time to reach for that breath from inside our handy toolbox. Remember the question, how is your heart? It may be beating faster than usual because we are no accessing our breath as we should. Take a pause to rest, find your heart and find your breath. No one can take that from you because it's exclusively yours.

Check the link to the Breathwork technique where you can also ask yourself, how is my heart today?

Take the pause here. I hope through reading this, you can find your pause of rest until you can fully slow down and take deep rest.

My holiday wish for you is to find the love of your heart through your breath.

I invite you to find the merry in your Christmas with me while we breathe together tomorrow to pause, rest and resume.

When? Every Wednesday at 1p

Where? PCSAM Church inWeymouth

Or catch the IG stream@pcsamchurch or our YouTubechannel.

Why? Because we support your self care.

Love and self care blessings,


Resident Yogi and Self Care Doula


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