How Is Your Heart?

Namaste PCS&M Tribe,

Welcome to our sacred space of love. I will admit to you, it has been difficult for me to express my thoughts with the overwhelm of unraveling events that have taken place. The images and commentary are shocking and difficult to hear and watch. These events really hit my heart...again.

Many of you don't know my background. I am a refugee from El Salvador. The US has been my home for 43 years now. You may or may not know, El Salvador is and was a country of turmoil and violence. It has survived a civil war of political turmoil at the expense of thousands who suffered and were forced to leave their homes and homeland, including myself, my family and motherland friends. Many could not return without risking their lives.

I have lived the refugee experience. I was 4 years old when my mother established herself in San Francisco and was finally able to fly my siblings, grandmother and I, to join her. Flying into this continent is much different than thousands of refugees that have had to cross over on foot. My mother left her children behind for a few years before we were reunited again. This only scrapes the surface because sadly, history is repeating itself, again.

Ukrainian refugees are now in that same situation. Just as Afghanistan refugees in a recent crisis. Just as Latin Americans

So to answer the question above? My heart hurts...It hurts to relive these horrific events through the eyes of the children I see. Their mothers forced to leave to survive and fathers, brothers, and grandfathers left behind to fight. For me, these are intense triggers due to past traumas that can also come up for many.