A note from, Ana Self Care Doula

Open The Window of Your Heart

Namaste PCS&M friends,

In the spirit of the month of Love, let us take the time to ponder our hearts. There is a window in our hearts that we can open and close. The practice of yoga invites you to journey through your heart. Think about the physical heart and how powerful it is. It’s incredible how hard it works and how it pumps life into our bodies, whether we are aware of it or not.

Just as the physical heart works hard to keep us alive, let's take a glance at the subtlety of the heart. As it pumps, it uses energy to fuel us. As it’s physically working, it simultaneously is processing your heart-felt emotions and sensations. Just as we nourish the physical heart, the subtle heart needs our nourishment, attention and awareness too; an invitation to heart healing. I invite you to take a moment for self-love and self-care by sharing in this practice:

A Healing Heart space practice:

Within your busy day, step away for a moment, even into a bathroom or a moment sitting safely in your parked car. Softly close your eyes, place both hands on your heart, breathe, feel and sink into your heart. At that moment, take a few deep breaths, in and out as you settle in. Think about something or someone you are grateful for.