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Zodiac Spotlight: The War in Ukraine

As our collective hearts and minds turn towards the atrocious acts of war happening in Ukraine, the stars reflect their pain. Mars, the planet of war, is aligned with Pluto, the planet of intensity and transformation, in the controlling, dictatorial sign of Capricorn. Even Venus, normally a force of peace and love, is engulfed in this alignment, completely drowned out by these two powerful forces.

But there is good news.

Pluto and Mars in conjunction can bring hardship, challenge, and violence. But, like a thunderstorm, it can clear the air so that something completely new can arise. So while this thunderstorm rages - whether in Ukraine or in our personal lives - we have a choice. Do we panic and overreact or keep our heads?

Cooler heads will prevail for this week at least, with Mercury and Saturn holding hands in the sky. Mercury rules the mind, and we all know how much our thoughts can race when they aren’t kept in check. Saturn keeps Mercury cool - which, of course, can go too far and verge on despondency. The higher expression of this is calm and rational thoughts, though, and we’ll be benefiting from this careful mental focus all week.

Wednesday’s Pisces New Moon could be a potential day of peace. There is a sparkling stellium in the intuitive, inspired, imaginative sign of Pisces, where the Moon and Sun join both Jupiter and Neptune. This is the highest expression of Piscean energy - a sense of compassionate interconnectedness with all that is.

But that’s a lot to swallow when we’re staring down the specter of World War III, so the potential that the downside is expressed is also likely. With Pisces, that’s escapism - whether through addictions or distractions, numbing or denial - and it can result in delusion on a grand scale. Will the Pope’s plea for peace on Ash Wednesday stir the hearts and minds of the Russian military? Or will they stick their fingers in their ears and ignore Ukraine’s pain? Whatever happens, an exact sextile from Uranus that day promises one thing: it will be completely unexpected!

Tune in tomorrow at High Noon for the weekly astrological forecast, Luna See with Colleen Marie, only on the Relevnt App!

The image above depicts a sculpture by Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov, installed at Burning Man Festival 2015.


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