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With Love, We Rise

Here at PCS&M, we believe in raising vibrations for the good of the whole. How incredible that this begins with one person and has this amazing domino affect! Our Heart Space plays a very big part in this. Thank you to Sandy and our church tribe!

What does raising our vibrations really mean? To me, it means raising an awareness of emotional frequency to uplift ourselves and help lift those around us. It’s also an awareness that taps into our heart and our subtle body (our energy).

When we begin to listen to our negative thoughts, we give them the spotlight and we create a spiral of negative energy around our heart. Vibration creates frequency. Our thoughts create frequencies depending on our emotional state and negative thoughts lower our overall frequency. We have the power to change these experiences. That’s why I believe it is so important to exercise a heart space practice.

Take a look at the Hawkins Scale created by Dr. David R. Hawkins, a psychiatrist who authored the book, “The Map of Consciousness Explained”. The scale below illustrates the frequency of our emotions. Our love frequency is 500+, expansive and gives us a beautiful way for us to know how to rise together.

How do we begin to bring our vibration into focus to build and raise our vibrational frequency? Last week we experienced a taste of a heart space practice during our Chair Yoga time together. To keep the heart space practice going, let’s reflect on the practice of gratitude.

Life can easily frazzle us and jolt us into discomfort. The practice of gratitude comes from the heart. In this week’s practice, let’s take a moment to center ourselves with our breath and sit in a moment of stillness.

Find a comfortable position. Take in a slow intentional breath of gratitude, then a slow exhale out, releasing what isn’t serving.

Practice this with love in your heart and I will see you at Chair Yoga, this Wednesday at 1:30, to continue our heart journey. We will ripple love and gratitude from our hearts and continue to rise together.


Your Self Care Doula and Yoga teacher,



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