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“With a Little Help From My Friends”


I am grateful for this beautiful, loving and supportive community we have here at PCS&M. I have found it important to surround myself with friends and family that help me feel supported, making challenging days more bearable and knowing I am not alone.

Know, when we step into our chapel here, we find friends to share with. The magical thing about these interactions is the way we touch each other's lives just by sharing and sometimes, just by listening. When we step into this space, we are among friends; friends that go above and beyond for one another. The services and support provided by this amazing organization go beyond measure. This is our tribe, your tribe and within this loving circle is a community of loving kindness and respect. When you come into this space with good intentions, kind words and conversation, magical things happen.

I would love to take this opportunity to thank Sandy, Jason, their family and all our friends at PCS&M behind the scenes, aka, those we see and don't see, who make so much happen for our community. To know we are all contributing nuggets of love every day, where we help each other rise through our journeys, is a blessing.

This is a community I am proud of and love being a part of. That's why and how "I get by with a little help from my friends. I get high with a little help from my friends..." Thank you to the Beatles for this reflective reminder♥️. This is the most selfless example of self care for ourselves and others.

Join me at 1pm tomorrow, inside the PCS&M Chapel for Yoga with Ana, where we will come together to move our bodies to raise our vibration in community. We will also be streaming live only on the Relevnt App, hosted by WeedSpeek. Click on the link to register

In loving kindness,


Resident Yoga Teacher and Self Care Doula


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