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What is Soul Saturday? Spinning Vinyl for the Masses, 2 turn tables, one microphone.

So many churches decided to broadcast their services over the interweb during the Pandemic. Although our church was born long before the days of the quarantine, we took the lead of our musical director DJ Stenny and our friends like DJ Frantic who were streaming themselves with wild video effects, Djing their favorite music for their community as a way to stay connected. Others of us gathered in our homes to watch concerts of "live music" being performed over Zoom and Youtube. These were the things that keep us connected at our core. Raising the vibration, dancing, and playing shouldn't stop when you reach adulthood! Going to concerts and expressing gratitude to the universe for the power of music has become a key part of our mission.

Rev. Jay of Strictly Vinyl Crew has created an altar for our Master of Ceremonies to come and connect with the congregation to share our love and passion, and raise the vibration, with the joy of music. We decided our community offering would be to create a sermon that simply speaks thru the power of the vinyl selection as we "Spin Vinyl for the Masses". This is how we are cultivating a sense of playfulness and peace in the Chaos of the 3D world. This is our Church.

Our Twitch stream can be found @PCSMCHURCH, look for our high noon offering known as Soul Saturday. Consider supporting our safe space for souls to come together, share music, laugh, dance, share sacrament, take a break, try new things, hear each other out, and share in our dreams and manifesting. This is our Church. We simply share the gifts and joy we have. Music is the glue of our service. This week we welcome DJ Frantic, one of our Resident MCs. We hope to see you down at the Chapel located at 63 Washington St Weymouth. And be sure to hit up Rev. Flagg and say Happy Birthday! And tonight, those attending the 49th "soirée" don't forget to bring your best prohibition-era outfit. Til' the wheels fall off! - XO Sandy


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