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Vivid Venus & Unexpected Uranus

In the sky this week, Venus comes into alignment with Uranus in the sign of Taurus, and it can make for some interesting shifts - especially in our one-on-one relationships.

Venus and Uranus don't exactly get along. Venus, the planet of love and connection, beauty and peace, values balance and cooperation above all else. Uranus, meanwhile, could give two you-know-whats. The planet Uranus literally spins on its side, which is a perfect metaphor for its vibes - unique, unconventional, unexpected. It flies in the face of what's considered "normal" and only cares about authenticity, freedom, and

Many astrologers insist that any Venus - Uranus connections in one's birth chart can indicate a potential for divorce or, at the very least, an unconventional approach to relationships. This can simply mean that you are someone that prefers to be in relationships where there is a lot of freedom rather than codependency.

When Venus and Uranus are aligned in the sky, as they are this week leading up to their exact conjunction on Friday, June 14th, expect the unexpected. The downside is a potential for restlessness in our relationships, where behaviors and cravings can disrupt connection and intimacy. The upside? The sudden shifts could be much more positive - sudden relationship breakthroughs, a rebirth of love and friendship, feelings of romantic electricity and excitement.

This conjunction could also affect us aesthetically. We may find ourselves wanting to switch up our appearance or wardrobe, adding more eclectic style to our lives. Flashy, striking visual art and bubbly, effervescent socializing is especially possible this week.

Ultimately, these two planets together can bring a breath of fresh air into our lives. If things are too stagnant, they get boring - and Uranus will have none of that! Ride the wave and welcome those magical moments and chance encounters this week, always ready to expect the unexpected.

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