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Virgo Season for the Signs

We leave the uninhibited drama of fixed-fire Leo season, we switch it up for mutable-earth Virgo.

Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin, but it’s important that we reexamine what this word was intended to mean. It originates from the Greek word for “maiden not attached to a man,” in other words, a woman unto herself. The “Virgin” goddesses (Diana, Athena, Ishtar, Isis) were called such because they were powerful, strong, and independent in their own right. The word Virgin elicits the concepts of purity, perfection, purpose. This is the true essence of Virgo.

Virgo’s ultimate desire is personal transformation. They are equipped with an innate capacity to envision the ideal – but then, they compare everything and everyone (including themselves) against that ideal. There is a strong emphasis on efficiency, analysis, and responsibility wherever Virgo lies in our charts, and a desire to reach that ideal by means of a practical, orderly, and detailed approach.

Leo’s roar is ego-driven, and so is Virgo’s, to an extent. But now, there is another critical element: the desire to be of service. Virgos are known to work hard in the background for the benefit of others, in order to offer a gift to the world. No wonder they can be so hard on themselves: this is a huge responsibility, after all, and Virgo does not take it lightly!

It is no coincidence that September’s back-to-school and back-to-business vibes align with Virgo season. In the Wheel of the Year, our agrarian ancestors would be in the throes of harvest season, and discerning which crops to pick and which to leave on the vine, which to eat now and which ti preserve, is a very detail-oriented, hard-work, analytical task. We are likely doing the same in our lives - paring down the social and happy-go-lucky activities of Leo season for the focus of fall.

How we each interact with the energy of Virgo season is highly individual (see below for sign-specific horoscopes). No matter the sign, this is an ideal time to make health changes, organize our resources, and prepare for the winter to come.

Virgo New Moon Intentions for Each Sign (refer to both Sun & Rising Signs)

Aries: This New Moon is all about service, organization, and hard work, dear Aries. Set an intention to develop your skills and create more routine in your life. There is a possibility for an unexpected shift in your finances, so watch for that!

Taurus: This New Moon asks you to be intentional about fun and creative self-expression. This is your month to connect with your inner child and seek joy, Taurus. You may want to embrace your unique individualism more than ever, so don’t be afraid to be bold!

Gemini: This New Moon is focused on the home front for you, Gemini. You may organize your home, perhaps creating the ideal work-from-home vibe. Set the intention to be more meticulous with your personal environment. Expect the unexpected in the realm of spirituality.

Cancer: Cancer, this New Moon asks you to be more fastidious in your communication. Short-distance trips could be in store this month as well as socializing with siblings and neighbors. Out-of-the-blue shifts in friendships are possible for you!

Leo: This New Moon is focused on matters of money and self-care, Leo. You may organize your wardrobe, declutter your stuff, own your worth. You may want to be prepared for a sudden shift in the realm of career and reputation.

Virgo: This is YOUR New Moon, dear Virgo. How you view yourself and how you present yourself to the world is in focus this month. Being intentional about your self-perception is key, as is being open to unexpected opportunities for travel and a broader consciousness.

Libra: This New Moon is a particularly dreamy and mystical one for you, Libra. As your birthday approaches, this moon cycle is about endings, letting go, and surrendering to what is in store. Unexpected events may lead you to releasing attachments. Go with the flow!

Scorpio: This is a New Moon of relationships, dear Scorpio. Set an intention to be more spontaneous and embrace your worth in both friendships and partnerships. Sudden changes could arise in these one-to-one dynamics so be open to what the future has in store.

Sagittarius: For you, dear Sagittarius, this New Moon centers around career, ambition, and authority. This is your month to apply a Virgo-like focus to your big career goals. There may be a sudden breakthrough in your health and/or your capacity for focus.

Capricorn: This New Moon may give you the travel itch, Capricorn, or you may simply want to explore new information and viewpoints. Unexpected events may encourage you to remember to find more joy and have fun - something you may tend to neglect, Cap!

Aquarius: For you, Aquarius, this is a powerful and potent New Moon. It may involve facing fears, releasing black-and-white thinking, and embracing change and transformation. Only way out is through, and there is a possibility for unforeseen change at home.

Pisces: This New Moon is all about understanding one-to-one relationships, Pisces. How you project yourself onto your partner often says more about ourselves than them, so set the intention to be more aware of this tendency this month.


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