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The Three Major Life Transits: Part 1, Saturn Return

Have you ever heard the term Saturn Return? If so, you probably know that around age 28 to 30, we start to “settle down” and try to create more structure in our work and home life. This is reflected astrologically by Saturn returning to the place it occupied in the sky at the moment of our birth, which takes approximately 29.5 years.

But – did you know there are two other major life transits that have a massive impact on our day-to-day lives? One is the Uranus Opposition, which occurs when Uranus comes to the exact opposite place in the sky to where it was when we were born. This happens between ages 41 - 44.

The third major transit is called Chiron Return, and it is so named because the asteroid Chiron - one of the largest asteroids in our solar system - like Saturn, returns to where it was at the moment of our birth. This happens around age 50 - 53.

Over the course of the next three weeks, we will do a deep dive into these three major transits and how they are likely to affect us.

What is a transit?

Astrologically speaking, when we compare the current position of a given planet to where it was when we were born, we are looking at that planet’s transit. For example, when the Sun moves through a given sign, we can also say it is transiting through that sign. Certain transits are more significant than others, and in the case of Saturn Return and Chiron Return, we are looking at when Saturn and Chiron make a conjunction with themselves in our natal chart. In the case of Uranus Opposition, we’re looking at when Uranus makes an opposite (180 degree) angle to itself. Other significant transits are 60 degrees (sextile), 90 degrees (square), and 120 degrees (trine).

What is the significance of Saturn in the natal chart?

Saturn is known as the taskmaster, the timekeeper, and the point of restriction or lessons in our natal chart. It adds structure and form to our lives, and shows us where we are likely to focus our efforts in order to achieve reputation and success in the outer world. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and is resonant with the 10th House of the zodiac.

The sign Saturn is in at the moment of our birth will tell us how we work and our unique way of pursuing success in our chart.

The house Saturn is in tells us what areas in life we feel we need to mature and be responsible.

Look up Saturn in your natal chart and complete this sentence: “I feel I need to be mature in…”

Saturn in Aries/1st: matters of fighting for what I believe in

Saturn in Taurus/2nd: matters of money and self-care

Saturn in Gemini/3rd: matters of communication and observation

Saturn in Cancer/4th: matters of family and caretaking

Saturn in Leo/5th: matters of creative self-expression

Saturn in Virgo/6th: matters of daily routine and health

Saturn in Libra/7th: matters of relationships and collaboration

Saturn in Scorpio/8th: matters of hidden motives and psychology

Saturn in Sagittarius/9th: matters of higher learning and adventure

Saturn in Capricorn/10th: matters of career and reputation

Saturn in Aquarius/11th: matters of the collective well-being

Saturn in Pisces/12th: matters of spirituality and unconditional love

What is the significance of the Saturn Return?

As Saturn moves through the zodiac, it transits through all twelve signs and houses over the course of approximately 29.5 years. Then, it returns to the placement it was in at the moment of our birth.

As Robert Hand puts it in his book, Planets in Transit, “In the year before this transit, many aspects of your life have begun to change. Relationships have changed or ended, and you may have changed your residence or your job; you have been dominated by an urgent feeling that if you don’t do everything you have always wanted to do or felt that you should, you will never have another chance… Consciously or unconsciously, you are pruning your life of everything that is not relevant to what you really are as a human being.”

Our first Saturn Return happens at the closing of our 20s, a time when so many of us start to “settle down” and “get serious” about a career path, a relationship, or other such major life decisions. Whatever is no longer serving us is meant to fall away. It is our choice whether the changes are seen as loss and sacrifice or an opportunity to create space for what we truly desire.

Stay tuned in 2 weeks for the next installment of this 3-part series: The Uranus Opposition!


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