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The Gift of Awareness Welcomes The Observer In All Of Us

Yoga provides the gift of awareness. Through yoga we are able elevate our energies to help improve our mental and physical wellbeing. But without the gift of awareness, we develop a tendency to get stuck, repeating patterns that do not serve us. Awareness is a gateway to the observer, who resides within all of us.

We tend to live in the "thinking" mind. It influences how we feel and how we go about our life, how we react. But sometimes the influence of the thinking mind can become unhealthy. Without awareness, our negative thoughts can take us through a spiral of self-doubt, fear, and limitation.

Becoming the observer helps us step out of that thinking place of judgement. Aligning with the observer within allows us to suspend ourselves in an expansive space. Imagine perceiving our minds as expansive. Consider the energetic possibilities of living beyond our physical bodies. Awareness allows us to become the observers we are meant to be, to help us through our healing path of wellness.

To become observers, yoga invites us to look inward. Take a moment to sit quietly, focusing on breath and listening to the silence, with our eyes closed. Sitting in meditation allows us to access the observer within. We can ponder a question without the expectation of an answer. Surprisingly, an answer may appear in another way in our life. But the only way to “see” it is to observe. And what a beautiful observation when we do receive the answers we seek! Or, when the observer discovers the ah ha! moment of awareness -- maybe an awareness of a limiting pattern of behavior. If the awareness of the observer was not awakened, how could we see ourselves evolve?

Let’s invite the observer through the gift of awareness.

With loving kindness,


Resident Yogi and Self Care Doula


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