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The Fish vs. the Sea Goat

This week, we find ourselves enmeshed in the compassionate, oceanic, spiritual energy of the Pisces fish. The Sun moves between both Pisces’ traditional ruler, Jupiter, and its modern one, Neptune, amplifying its expression. This means big feelings of empathy and intuition. The high-vibe expression is collective compassion, for example, how we are tuned into the crisis in Ukraine and offering our love and support from all over the world. The risk we run, however, is letting those emotions overwhelm, to the point of feeling too much. Establishing healthy emotional boundaries is not Pisces’ strong suit.

At the same time, this week we also have a tense Capricornian stellium with heavy-hitting Mars and Pluto overwhelming soft-spoken Venus. This can bring up power struggles - especially at work or within our relationships - and while the intensity is real, it serves to help bring the gunk to the surface to be healed. When Mars and Pluto are together, situations requiring emotional strength and courage could arise.

On the surface, the Pisces Fish and the Capricorn Goat have very little in common. But we have to remember, Capricorn is, in fact, a Sea-Goat. It is actually half goat and half fish!

While the Pisces peace-love approach and Capricorn work-hard approach differ greatly, together they offer methods for how we can see ourselves through this week in an aligned and authentic way. Capricorn reminds us to take everything one step at a time, to build a strong foundation, and to trust in our own determination. But as it is part fish, it collaborates with Pisces to promote unconditional love and the ability to trust in the divine in our lives. If we focus on the journey – working hard and surrendering the outcome to a higher power – peace is possible. The destination doesn’t matter if we relish every step. This is the journey of healing we all undertake.


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