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"Super Moon" in Capricorn Wed. July 13

The term "Super Moon" simply indicates when the Full Moon, in all of its mysterious glory and breath-taking beauty, appears larger and brighter than normal because the Moon is at its closest point in its elliptical orbit to the Earth. It so happens that this Full Moon, on Wednesday July 13th, is just that.

Here we are at the height of Cancer season. Cancer is known to be associated with nurturing, family, emotions, and the child (and Mother) within. During Cancer season, which lasts from June 21st to July 22nd, we tend to want to slow down a bit, spend quality time and connect emotionally with the ones we love.

Ruled by the Moon itself, the sign of Cancer is about creating close intimate bonds. When in harmony, Cancer energy is the epitome of demonstrative, affectionate, deep love. But when out of alignment, Cancer season can be a time of emotional instability, where we may feel dependent, needy, even immature. "Why don't you love me?" the out-of-alignment Cancer implores.

The Full Moon, as always, falls in the opposite sign as the Sun -- in this case, Capricorn. Capricorn is about structure, responsibility, and hard work: it is the adult (and Father) within. Ruled by Saturn, when in alignment, Capricorn can be incredible providers, working hard for the sake of their families, and making sure the appropriate behavior is adhered to.

But it's easy to imagine where Capricorn can go awry. Out-of-alignment Capricorn shudders at the emotional displays of Cancer. It prefers to detach, judge, and criticize. Its coldness keeps it safe, and people are expected to stay in their lanes, in their roles, and not get too touchy-feely.

This particular Full Moon is the culmination point in this axis. How this shows up for each of us depends on our own personal charts. As a Capricorn Moon with Cancer rising, I know this dynamic well. Struggling between being too hard on myself (Capricorn) or too emotional (Cancer) has always plagued me. But at the same time, this dynamic is part of what makes me a devoted mother and entrepreneur.

This Full Moon is about striking a balance between these two poles: emotions versus detachment, intimacy versus boundaries, inner child versus inner adult, and home life versus work life. One side of the coin only exists because the other does as well, so learning how to co-create with this polarity means creating a perspective that allows for both/and in our lives.

I think the biggest takeaway I can offer as we contemplate this Capricorn Super Moon in the heart of Cancer season is this: it's okay to let ourselves be childlike and needy, and it's okay to have high expectations of ourselves as well. But it can't be one or the other 100% of the time. What are you missing in your life today? Let this Full Moon be a time of allowing that Cancer or Capricorn nature blossom from within.


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