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Setting Boundaries is Self-Care

We give a lot of ourselves. It could be challenging to say no to our friends and loved ones because we want to be helpful or make others happy. Sometimes, we can get into moments which may hinder the expectations of our day.

We like to make others happy but the truth is, we can’t make everyone happy. Especially when drawing boundaries. Boundaries are a very important part of self care. Sometimes we can get pulled into situations knowing we have other things requiring our attention. This can cause frustration which can lead to other feelings to work through. Boundaries, can be as politely as saying, no. Sometimes that may not meet others' expectations which can cause upset. It’s not easy. But remember, who is taking care of you? Your self.

The important thing to remember is placing boundaries can really help take care of ourselves and our needs. It is important for us to fill our own cups before we give of ourselves to others. Boundaries are a way we can contribute to our "giving" cups.

Did the feeling of guilt happen to cross your mind? That’s another emotion that keeps us from tending to our needs. Keep in mind, we all do this in some shape or form. We can feel it’s ok, until we begin to feel run down, frustrating, pinched for time or even angry. We can feel unhappy because we may feel like we put ourselves aside. We want to feel comfortable in our own bodies with our emotions and our decisions. The results of setting boundaries can help us feel better in in our bodies.

Nurturing our needs can help us be ready to fill someone else’s cup when they need it. Scheduling those times into your day, committing to your self care while setting boundaries is okay. Give yourself the permission to do that for you. We will find our peace, just as the title of the book in the photo here says, easing ourselves into this healthy habit.

Let's meet on the mat to move our bodies together tomorrow so we can fill our cups to be able give to others much more peacefully.

Love, light and blessings,


Resident Yoga Teacher and Self Care Doula


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