Self Care is Surrounding Yourself with Loving Support

When life gets tough and hectic we have a tendency to feel trapped in our own bubble. We can forget to ask for help or seek support where and when we need it. Our emotional and physical support is part of our Self Care. Sometimes it takes courage to ask for support, but once we pass that courageous hurdle, beautiful things happen. We create relationships and it makes us feel better. We create a better state emotional wellbeing through the loving support of friends, people and programs we seek for ourselves.

Finding our people, our special place, classes, and any support to lift us, can be helpful when we get caught in this cycle. What happens when you become aware and burst this uncomfortable bubble? Many things can happen but here are a couple I notice right away.

Awareness: Awareness can come in when we are on the brink of "pulling our hair" or feel helpless. If we are not aware of what's happening, we can fall into a spiral of patterns that don't support us. Our emotional wellbeing is already in challenge but more so when we do not seek support.

Vibrational energy: Our energy shifts towards a low vibration pattern, which attracts low vibrations instead of what we need, high loving vibrations.

How does this affect us? We can become sick (physically or emotionally) or continue making decisions that do not serve us. In other words, we become unbalanced.