Rest & Relaxation Are Powerful Tools

I don't think we really think the state of rest and relaxation as tools for our overall health. In our reality, states of rest and relaxation, are powerful tools. Here's why:

There are deep healing benefits when it comes to allowing our bodies to go into a state of relaxation or rest. When our body is in its most relaxed state, we allow our it to come to a state of homeostasis, which invites its natural healing ability to happen. You often hear that our bodies need sleep in order to repair themselves. Whether that's sleep for physical and/or emotional wellbeing, it is true. In fact accessing a form relaxation, in addition to sleep, is important in order for our body to reap its healing benefits.

Below are a list of benefits when we seek the tools for Rest and Relaxation:

  • reduced stress and anxiety

  • improved mood; effective against depression

  • decreased blood pressure

  • chronic pain relief

  • improved immune health

  • improved memory

  • stronger ca