Our SoulCast welcomes Gemma Ra’Star of Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary

Do you ever meet someone and just KNOW they are going to have a lasting impact on your life? When I met Gemma in 2019, it was at one of the largest hemp conferences in the country in Denver, CO. In typical Sandy fashion, I was mesmerized by Gemma's offerings, but also very deep in the thought of feeding my hungry belly. In search of Pho, I wandered away from her booth having left my entire money bag, with my I.D., money, credit cards, basically everything!

After leaving the conference, and only when I went to pay for said soup, I realize I had left all of my possessions 3 miles away back inside the conference center somewhere. EEEKK. The worst feeling while traveling, ever!

But then, I had a flash, "I know where the bag is! I left it sitting on the table of the Native American Tribe!" Although I was nervous, I knew my stuff would be safe. As I found her table again, Gemma was like, "I was wondering why you would have left this here!" I know now, that I left it so I would be divinely called back to chat with Gemma again and really get to understand her mission as a plant medicine warrior for freedom and sustainability. We were meant to support each other!