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Our SoulCast welcomes Gemma Ra’Star of Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary

Do you ever meet someone and just KNOW they are going to have a lasting impact on your life? When I met Gemma in 2019, it was at one of the largest hemp conferences in the country in Denver, CO. In typical Sandy fashion, I was mesmerized by Gemma's offerings, but also very deep in the thought of feeding my hungry belly. In search of Pho, I wandered away from her booth having left my entire money bag, with my I.D., money, credit cards, basically everything!

After leaving the conference, and only when I went to pay for said soup, I realize I had left all of my possessions 3 miles away back inside the conference center somewhere. EEEKK. The worst feeling while traveling, ever!

But then, I had a flash, "I know where the bag is! I left it sitting on the table of the Native American Tribe!" Although I was nervous, I knew my stuff would be safe. As I found her table again, Gemma was like, "I was wondering why you would have left this here!" I know now, that I left it so I would be divinely called back to chat with Gemma again and really get to understand her mission as a plant medicine warrior for freedom and sustainability. We were meant to support each other!

I am so excited to formally introduce Gemma Ra’Star to our community. Gemma is the founder of the award-winning (and one of the most conscious organizations on the planet) called the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary. The People's Congregation of Shakers and Movers is proud to be collaborating to bring about plant sovereignty and the right over our own consciousness and the plants we use to change our minds and spirit. We are also learning from Gemma about journeying through meditation and she has been leading prayer circles on Tuesday nights (please reach out for more information about our community circles and events.)

Gemma is a survivor and a miracle to have overcome life-threatening circumstances that lead her on her path as a healer. Since 2000, Gemma is the alchemy creator of many cannabis and mushroom products and has been running retreats worldwide educating the responsibilities and experiences with these plants for self-healing anxiety, depression, PTSD, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and the list just keeps growing.

20 + years experience and knowledge being a successful humanitarian plant medicine activist and pioneer medicine mama with herbalism combined plant medicines with Hemp CBD Flowers making natural healing homeopathic remedies.

Gemma created an “out of State-sanctioned program” that has been protecting Wumaniti members for over 20 years for utilization, transportation, and growth of plant medicine sacraments throughout all 50 states.

Gemma is an activist for indigenous human rights, clean water first and foremost the horse nation. You will find her empowering the community with equine therapy, sustainability, and shooting arrows off the back of horses.

Gemma is looking for support from members like us! Please take the next step in protecting yourself, the earth, and freedom from government control over plants!

Bless up! Please research and consider membership today! For more information, you can contact Sandy or Gemma directly at HTTP://


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