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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Eclipses, no matter what sign they fall in, are potent times of transformation - sudden shifts and changes can occur, and the best thing we can do is approach them with flexibility, openness and trust that whatever is being dismantled is for our highest good.

The New Moon on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 is particularly powerful, as it occurs in the mysterious, deep-diving, intense sign of Scorpio. The New Moon in Scorpio is always a time of transformation as that is one of the defining characteristics of the sign: the capacity to take difficult situations and turn them into beautiful opportunities. Scorpio rules all things taboo, secretive, and misunderstood. When we analyze other people’s psychological motives, or play detective online for our friends’ potential dates, or take out a loan or use other people’s resources, we are activating our inner Scorpio.

With the New Moon, both the Sun and Moon are in the same sign, so every New Moon is a new beginning. Of course, we are heading towards Halloween - also known as Samhain in the pagan Wheel of the Year. Samhain marks a time when we are more aware of winter’s grip growing and the fading of the light. It is when the veil is thinning between our world and the world of Spirit, causing us to contemplate endings and yes, even death and decay. Therefore, the Scorpio New Moon is a time when we are stretched between the ideals of new beginnings and the truth of endings at the same time.

Add in the fact that this New Moon - as well as the Full Moon in Taurus on November 8th - is activating the nodes of the Moon and are therefore part of eclipse season, and we have a cauldron of transformation, change, and intensity. The Taurus - Scorpio axis is all about safety, trust, and uncertainty. How do we create a sense of security in the face of metamorphosis? Setting the intention with this New Moon to be open and eager to experience all of life’s highs and lows is the perfect way to co-create with this Solar Eclipse. Then, radical self-care and slowing down will come with the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in a few weeks. Both are vital parts of the human experience, after all!


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