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New Moon Intentions for Every Sign

On Thursday, July 28th at 1:55 pm eastern time, the Sun and Moon will precisely align in the sky for a New Moon in the sign of Leo. As we covered in last week's blog, Leo season is all about boldness, confidence, and self-assurance. This New Moon, for all of us, is the ideal time to set new intentions that take advantage of that Leo light, to launch the beginning of the lunar cycle, kicking off with this week's New Moon in Leo and culminating in a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th.

I often allude to the fact that each celestial event will have more specific meaning based on your birth chart. That's where the beauty of horoscopes comes along. If you happen to know your Rising Sign, I recommend reading that horoscope as well.

Aries - Intention: This is my month to have FUN. Aries, this is a lucky New Moon for you, as it falls in a fellow fire sign. Live it up this month, do what makes you feel young and carefree and alive. Your vitality is high -- harness it and move things forward.

Taurus - Intention: This is my month to focus on family. This New Moon will affect hearth and home, Taurus. How can you be more yourself within your family? How can you nurture others, while still embracing your personal freedom and authenticity?

Gemini - Intention: This is my month to learn new things. This is a time for bold new beginnings in the pursuit of knowledge, skills, and expertise. Networking and aligning with like-minded souls could bring good fortune this month, Gemini.

Cancer - Intention: This is my month to indulge in self-care. This New Moon has you, dear Cancer, looking at your values. Money, security, good food - all of that is highlighted this month. You may get a lucky break in your career & reputation!

Leo - Intention: This is my month to be unabashedly ME. Leo, how can you take on a new look, a new view of yourself, a new attitude on life? You may find that getting out of town for a few days helps usher in that new perspective, time for a birthday getaway perhaps?

Virgo - Intention: This is my month to connect to spirituality. You may find this month to be a little reflective and dreamy, dear Virgo. This is your month to reexamine your inner truth and reaffirm your faith in the unseen. Expect good luck when you trust your gut.

Libra - Intention: This is my month to connect with like-minded people. This New Moon encourages all things networking and groups. Friends will be at the forefront, and you may be thinking about big-picture reform. How can you make a difference, Libra?

Scorpio - Intention: This is my month to make a name for myself. You are having a powerful month for career and reputation, dear Scorpio. New opportunities should be embraced, and expect a lucky break, thanks to all of your hard work.

Sagittarius - Intention: This is my month to expand my perspective. This New Moon is your jam, Sagittarius, in part because it falls in a fellow fire sign, but also because it's all about big-picture thinking. Find what feels good and luck will follow!

Capricorn - Intention: This is my month to pursue my deepest desires. What is it that you want more than anything, Capricorn? This is the month to set the intention to go after it with everything you have. Support on the home front can really make this possible.

Aquarius - Intention: This is my month to connect with partners, in love and in work. Finding balance in partnerships is the key for this month, Aquarius. Your Full Moon on August 11th will put the focus back on you, but in the meantime, how can you strike balance within your one-to-one relationships?

Pisces - Intention: This is my month to work hard and be healthy. This New Moon is all about setting the intention to be a little more focused and structured. I know, it's hard in the heat, but you'll be glad you created routine now once the fall comes. You can support it with some creature comforts, though! Self-care brings positivity this month.


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