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New Moon in Pisces

A mermaid calls from the depths. The sun glitters, diamondlike, through the water. The mystery of the unseen greets us, and we are confronted with the fact that each drop of water is a microcosm of the unfathomable ocean we are floating in. We are overwhelmed by the unknowable vastness of the cosmos, and yet somehow we know that if we - in our small souls - can shine with love, so, too, can the universe.

This is the energy of Pisces, the final sign of the astrological Wheel of the Year. Inherent in its acknowledgement of endings is the reality of new beginnings. A day of frigid cold is followed by one of springlike warmth. Crocuses grow despite the frost. As one cycle closes, miraculously, another opens.

The New Moon asks us to turn within. It asks us to take a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the sunlight & embrace the limitless potential - and mystifying Shadow - of the dark. This particular New Moon is the last one of winter, and so it is even more important to take a step back and instead, acknowledge the mystery. Our sixth sense is particularly strong at this time, as is our empathy and connection to all that is.

Of course, as with all of astrology, there is a lower-vibration expression of Piscean energy. This is the martyr who takes on the weight of the world, the victim who demands sympathy from others. This is the sensitive soul who escapes into addictive behaviors to turn off the noise, because feeling it all is just too much. If we remember not to get too lost in the realm of dreams and idealization, we can find balance for this New Moon.

This particular New Moon occurs at 2:06 am on Monday, February 20th. And, it occurs in the early degrees of Pisces, very close to Saturn as it transits the final degrees of Aquarius. Saturn will enter Pisces on March 7th, the same day as the Full Moon in Virgo, making its impact on this particular lunar cycle very strong. Saturn is the planet of hard work, responsibility, and integrity but also of self-criticism and unmet emotional needs.

At this New Moon, we ask ourselves: how can I turn to the vastness of Spirit, of the Universe, of God and surrender control? How can I co-create with endings so that I can let go of what no longer serves, in order to make space for Spring in my life? How can I release self-criticism yet embrace integrity and alignment with my personal long-term vision? The Full Moon will bring some positive yet unexpected breakthroughs, so how can I set the foundation for that shift now?


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