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Need a Break? Conserving Energy is Self Care

We run such busy lives and summer doesn’t necessarily mean you have time to slow down. Especially if your kiddos are home. Let's think of ways we can do this . Of course meditation comes to mind, but what about seeking another kind of refuge? Here are a few suggestions in addition to finding that stillness through meditation.

Schedule a date with yourself. Taking a drive to the beach, a favorite park for a walk or just to sit. Maybe bring a journal or that book you have been wanting to read.

Scheduling time-off technology or social media. When life gets to be too stimulating with events and other people’s “stuff”, life mat be telling you it's time for a break. Whether it be for an hour, a few days, or a few weeks, setting a technology break is definitely considered a way of conserving your energy.

How about that self care appointment? It can be reenergizing to schedule a massage, facial or reiki appointment. How about giving yourself a hand and foot massage before bedtime? This can be another way to conserve energy before your long awaited rest time, bedtime or even nap.

These are just a few examples of how we can conserve our energy and in turn, reenergize ourselves when we are looking for that long awaited “break”.

I'd love to hear about the ways you conserve energy. Leave me a comment below. Or let me know how I can support you. Did I mention I am also a Reiki practitioner? You are in luck! Feel free to reach out and schedule an appointment with me.

Let’s conserve energy through our yoga practice tomorrow! Join me at the PCS&M Chapel at 1pm for Yoga with Ana. Registration is encouraged

Love and blessings,


Resident Yoga Teacher and Self Care Doula


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