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Mercury Retrograde Ends... Saturn Retrograde Begins!

This week in astrology is a time of taking stock. We are being called by the stars to look deeply, honestly, and intently at our lives. While this level of integrity can be difficult, it can also be transformative and help us to align with what we truly want.

Mercury has been moving backwards in the sky since May 9th, and on Friday, June 4th, it finally stations direct again, ending the dreaded Mercury Retrograde that has been plaguing us for the last few weeks. Of course, it will then be in its "shadow" until it returns to the degree at which it first started to appear to move backwards, which isn't until June 18th. So we aren't fully in the clear, but things will lighten up considerably... just in time for Saturn, the planet of karma, to turn retrograde.

Mercury is considered a "personal planet" ruling the mind, communication, and technology and its retrograde is swift so we tend to feel its impact quite intensely. It retrogrades for 3 to 4 weeks every 3 to 4 months. During Mercury Retrograde, everyday things seem to work in reverse.

Saturn, on the other hand, retrogrades for 4 months every year. Saturn rules matters of responsibility, discipline, convention, duty, and time. Wherever Saturn is in your personal chart is where the primary focus of the "work" of your life happens to be. When Saturn is retrograde, we are in a time of reckoning.

Both the sign and house Saturn is moving through indicates in which areas of our lives we may be experiencing karmic lessons. Saturn is currently in the sign of Aquarius, which rules future hopes and dreams as well as issues involving the greater good of humanity. The call for better gun control is a very Saturn-in-Aquarius concern, for example, so this retrograde may bring a karmic shift in this issue. We can only hope.

Determining which house Saturn is currently in requires that you pull up your own birth chart based on your exact time of birth. For me, Saturn is currently in the 9th House, the house of expanded consciousness and big-picture thinking. Things like metaphysics and philosophy and oh, astrology are all highlighted when Saturn is in the 9th. During retrograde, I'll be revisiting some of these issues to help solidify the next phase of my life.

When Saturn goes direct again, in October of this year, we'll find these areas in forward momentum again. If we navigate the next four months well, we can create a solid foundation upon which to build. That's the beauty of Saturn - when you learn its lessons, the entire structure of our lives is solidified.

"No matter how unpleasant a Saturn transit seems at the time, it represents what you really want in life and is helping you get it." ~Robert Hand, Planets in Transit

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