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Manifesting with the Sign of the Moon

Astrology skeptics often roll their eyes at the idea of the position of planets millions of miles away affecting what happens here on Earth. But we can't ignore the influence of the two most easily identifiable objects in the sky: the Sun and the Moon.

In astrology, the Moon is called a luminary, like her counterpart, the Sun. Whereas the Sun indicates the zodiac sign we typically identify with (i.e. I am a Taurus, along with anyone else born between April 21st - May 20th), you'll need to take a peek at your birth chart to know what your Moon sign is. If you head over to your favorite free astrology website (I personally love this website) and enter your birthday and ideally exact birth time, you'll be able to discover your Moon sign.

Astrologically, our Sun sign tells us about our desires, our overall personality, our willpower, our ego and self-image. Meanwhile, our Moon sign tells us about our innermost emotional selves, what we need, and our moods. For example, my husband is a Cancer (aka Cancer Sun). He is deeply caring, but he can also be a little closed off at times, as Cancers are known for retreating into their shell. He loves to cook and provide nourishment for others. Meanwhile, his Moon is very different - it's in the sign of Leo. He needs to be seen, to express himself, to be playful and charismatic. Quite different from a sometimes-shy Cancer! So he is constantly trying to balance his Sun & Moon, honoring both sides of who he is. Really, we all are! If you're someone who didn't always identify with the qualities of your Sun sign, learning what sign your Moon is in can really serve to expand your understanding of your unique personality.

So that's a little bit about your Moon in your birth chart, which influences us throughout the duration of our lifetime. But what about the sign the Moon is in today? Or tomorrow?

The Moon transits (moves) through a new zodiac sign approximately every 2.5 days, while the Sun takes about 30 days to move through a sign. This means that every few days, the Moon could be in a sign that vibes well with your Moon, but then there are also days when it doesn't quite align.

For example, if you have your Moon in an Earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo), you'll feel most comfortable when the Moon is in a fellow Earth sign, or a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and vice versa. If your Moon is in a Fire sign (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries) it's going to feel best in a fellow Fire sign or an Air sign (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) and vice versa. But if you're a Water Moon and the Moon is currently in an Air sign, for example, it may not be the easiest day - especially in regards to emotions.

How do you know what sign the Moon is in on a given day? Listen to Luna See, of course! That's my podcast exclusively on the Relevnt app - simply follow PCS&M Soul Cast and tune in every Monday at High Noon. Or you could google it, but doesn't tuning into Luna See sound more fun?


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