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Luna See w/Colleen Marie ~ What's In Store Next Week Astrologically?

February was off to a fresh start with the New Moon in Aquarius energy reminding us to be our authentic, original, wild & crazy selves. Plus we finally felt the pressure lift as Mercury stationed direct (no longer in Retrograde) on Thursday the 3rd - communication should start to flow more easily and it won't feel like we're moving through quicksand any more!

The week of February 7 through 13 is going to continue that fresh, fabulous, freak-flag-fly energy as Uranus, the electric planet of rebellion, sudden shifts, and rebirth, is busy with lots of astrological alignments with other powerhouse planets.

Mars, the planet of action (in Capricorn), and Jupiter, the planet of expansion (in Pisces), will both come into a harmonic alignment with Uranus in Taurus, so we are clearing out the cobwebs of our collective and committing to kindness, authenticity, and perseverance.

We close the week out with some juicy, loving, sexy vibes so tune into Monday's podcast to get the whole picture!

Luna See is a weekly podcast on the Relevnt app, download Relevnt in the app store and follow PCSM SoulCast each week's episode, Mondays at High Noon!

Plus, if you'd like a *much* more personalized look at what the stars have in store for you, head over to Colleen's website and drop her a line to schedule a one-on-one astrology reading.


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