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Lucky Spiritual Stars

One of the most important astrological events of the year is happening this week, as Jupiter and Neptune align in the sign of Pisces, hitting exact conjunction on Tuesday, April 12th.

I’ve been talking about this conjunction for weeks, but in case you’re new here or just need some reminding, this is significant for a few reasons. First, Jupiter was the traditional ruler of Pisces, co-ruling Pisces and Sagittarius. With Neptune’s discovery in 1846, it became clear that Neptune's vibes more closely matches the sign of the Fish, so it was made the ruler of Pisces. Still, both have Pisces energy - that is, big, even overwhelming, emotions.

Having two planets in the sign they rule means the energy of that sign is magnified, and with Jupiter being one of them, it’s big. After all, that’s what Jupiter does - it expands whatever it touches, for better or for worse.

Furthermore, these two planets lining up together in ANY sign only happens once every 12 years. And the last time they were together in Pisces was 1856 (coincidentally just ten years after Neptune’s discovery)... so it’s been a minute.

Everything in astrology can have an evolved or a blocked expression. When blocked, this massive Pisces energy can mean victim-martyr narratives coming to the surface, emotions being overwhelmed, perhaps worrying too much about the weight of the world that we aren’t able to focus on our day-to-day lives. Having compassion for the pain and strife in the world is a good thing, of course, especially during these intense times. But having too much of a bleeding heart can mean we have no juice left for our own lives.

An evolved expression of this massive Piscean party is one of empathy and compassion, but also of faith and trust. Pisces is the sign that approaches spirituality from a deeply feeling, deeply knowing place. It is the sign that feels the presence of the divine, and when in full spiritual surrender, it is a truly tranquil and beautiful thing to behold. This is the person who does not spew toxic positivity, but also doesn’t get dragged down by over-attachment to negativity. They have the perspective and connection to their Higher Power to fully trust that life is magical, that the universe is actually conspiring to make our dreams come true. It can be a really lucky, fated, spiritually-aligned moment for a lot of us, so bring it on!

This conjunction we’ve been feeling for a few weeks, and we’ll continue to feel it throughout this month. I highly recommend looking to see what house Pisces rules in your chart to see in what areas of your life this lucky alignment is most likely to affect!

One side note, this month is actually my “Jupiter Return.” Jupiter swoops through the zodiac in a 12-year cycle, so we all experience a Jupiter Return (meaning it returns to where it was at the moment of your birth) every twelve years. I was born with Jupiter in Pisces, so this is my Jupiter Return - which is a very lucky time!

Opportunities tend to come out of nowhere, good fortune aligns, and we tend to feel generous and optimistic. I have had some crazy opportunities drop into my lap over the last few weeks, so this is completely on-trend for me!

If you’re not sure how to figure out when your Jupiter Return is, reach out to me!

Head over to to contact me directly, and don't forget to tune in to tomorrow's podcast on the Relevnt App. Simply follow PCSM SoulCast and tune in every Monday at High Noon!


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