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Look Up At The Sky, Share Your Light

Do any of you remember the Care Bears? Stay with me....

There's something to say about these Care Bears and the concept of the images and meanings that these special bears carry on their chest/bellies. Even more amazing, is that either standalone or in a group, these bears shine and share their individual light to help others and each other. It's the way they lift each other up! Have you ever thought of how that relates to us? Of course you have but if not, here's what how I playfully view this.

Care Bears are caring "beings", like we are. And, they carry the gift of light, just like us. We carry the gift of light in us. Therefore, the concept of these very special bears isn't far fetched. Our light is very powerful. Some of us can experience a dimming of our light, especially during difficult times. Maybe our dimming is a reaction to a memory trigger. The holidays can also be triggering and dimming for some too. So the message I'd like to share and the meaning I find through these cute bears is, when you see others are feeling their light dimmed, share the light you have to give.

We have the power to share our light individually or as a group help those we love and care for, even strangers, to break through dark cloud moments. We help them shine through and rise. This also helps us brighten our light. Sharing a smile is a perfect example of a special way to share our light. Looking into someone's eyes, a light tough on a hand are physical, subtle ways to share our light, sometimes, without even knowing. Filling our cup with yoga, somatic movement, walks in nature, taking time to look up at the sky, and nurturing yourself through nutrition are some ways we can fill our cup and brighten our energy so we don't deplete ourselves. Kindly remember, in order to brighten and lighten ourselves, we must self care to replenish, so we can share with others.

I don't know about you, but day or night, warm or cold weather, I love looking up at the sky. I feel it's embrace when I look up and it brightens my light. When I do this, I take a moment, to focus my light on someone or something that I feel could need it. Isn't funny how we can all be like a Care Bear? {inserting my giggle here} I personally love seeing and sensing this whenever I happen to run into a Care Bear toy, online meme or image. What I also love to see, they still exist. I know this sounds silly and child like. Well, that's my inner child giggling through. It makes me happy to know we are empowered by our light and therefore, it's important to share our light. And remember, just as we share our light to lift those around us and ourselves, this lights up the world and makes it a warmer place for all of us, grand rising.

Let's keep our light shining by moving our bodies, sharing our light and love, tomorrow. Come practice with me so we can continue our self care journey to fill our light, stay playful and rise together.

What? Yoga with Ana

When? Every Wednesday at 1p

Where? PCSAM Chapel in Weymouth

How? Practice in person or stream us through Instagram or YouTube @pcsmchurch

Here is another opportunity to brighten your light with Self Care!

With what? Slow Flow into Yoga Nidra, lead by me

When? Friday, December 9th @ 7:30p

Where? PCSAM Chapel in Weymouth, in person.

Bring a mat, pillow, eye pillow and your favorite blanket.

We will begin with a half hour of Yoga movement and end with an hour of Yogic sleep.

You will leave rejuvenated and restored.

Photo credit by Jackson David on Unsplash

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Love this blog the most out of all of them thus far! Love the care bears and how you tied them in 💓

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