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Integrating the Lessons of Leo Season

On Thursday, August 18th, we have a Third-Quarter moon in the sign of Taurus. The Third Quarter Moon (which looks like a half moon in the night sky) is part of the waning phase of the lunar cycle, which means the darkness is increasing and we may feel our energy dissipating as we approach next week's New Moon in Virgo.

The Third-Quarter Moon is the final "challenge" of Leo season. Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs, and as such, there can be conflict because of the innate stubbornness of both signs. This can be a time of triggering and potentially bringing our deep-seated beliefs and emotions to the surface.

As always, we have a choice! Do we dig in our proverbial heels even more deeply-- clinging to stubborn, fixed beliefs -- or do we allow this Moon to help us transform?

One thing that may be working in our favor at this Third-Quarter Moon is the fact that both Uranus and the North Node are currently in the sign of Taurus. Uranus is all about unexpected breakthrough and the Node helps us align with our soul's true purpose. With both of these powerful forces linking up with the Moon on Thursday, we are more likely to choose change than we might otherwise be!

This Leo season, we were challenged to step boldly and confidently into our power. Whenever we take a strong position, it requires that whatever is no longer serving us is released. We can't hold on to our self-limiting beliefs while simultaneously stepping into our strength. So, don't be surprised if an unexpected breakthrough has us asking, am I really as confident as I pretend? Do I believe in and fully own my sovereignty or will I fall back into old patterns?

Next week, we start a new lunar cycle in Virgo, one of healing and spirituality, balance and connection. We will need our self-confidence as we head into the harvest and winter seasons. Whatever comes to the surface for us this week is all about integrating our bold self-expression and confidence, so let's meet it with as much openness as this fixed-sign cycle allows!


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