Honoring Those Who Have Departed...

....and who continue to guide us.


Rituals honoring the dead can be traced through history as an important rite of passage. Raised in a culture where we honor our ancestors who continue to love and support us was a truly beautiful way to be able to witness the end of a cycle of life. We reflect and celebrate their lives with ritual as a way to remember them. November 1st-2nd, is All Saints Day in religious traditions and in cultural family traditions it's Dia de los Muertos. Celebrated to keep the departed honored and remembered.

Altars are created with photos and offerings of candles, flowers, decorations candy, sweet bread, water, spirits, fruit and anything that offer love and remembrance to them through a dedicated personalized area. Taking a moment, I light Palo Santo and Sage, and use the smoke to cleanse my energy and the space around me, I place it carefully on my altar. Also a Self Care moment, taking care of our energy first.

I express and honor my thanks, appreciation, love and memories that may come in. I truly love this practice. It helps me keep in touch with my indigenous heritage and practices I love and honor deeply.

These and similar practices are able reconnect us with ourselves and loved ones, present and departed. The experience of how you want to connect is truly personal and individual to each person or family.

Below I share two songs that have deeply moved me while sitting in stillness, listening, honoring and remembering. These two songs are very special to me and i hope you enjoy them.

The practice: Sitting comfortably or lying down, hands resting on your lap or beside you; sitting near or in front of your altar. Soften your gaze or close your eyes. Take your gaze to your third eye. Take a listen to these songs while sitting and feel free to chant along. Our voices are powerful. Love will flow and fill y