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Happy Ostara!

Today, Sunday, March 20th marks the Vernal Equinox, the point in the year at which the day stretches to be as long as the night for the first time since the previous autumn. It is a time of rebirth, of beginnings, of new life. The pulse of the earth quickens, birds chirp, and nature reawakens from its winter slumber.

In ancient pre-Christian times, the pagan holiday of Ostara was celebrated with symbols such as eggs, rabbits, and flowers - all reflective of the fertility of nature during this time of year. Of course, Christianity "borrowed" many of these symbols, and to this day they persist in both religious and secular Easter traditions.

Astrologically, we have entered the new year. The Sun has transited into the sign of Aries, leaving Pisces behind. The transition from Pisces to Aries is not an easy one. The Fish crave calm, connectedness, and oceanic emotions. The Ram thrives in independence, self-assertion, and fiery action.

It's common for many of us to feel overwhelmed at this juncture of the year. We may feel like we have to go from hibernating human "beings" to ambition human "doings" overnight. For the first few days of this new spring, treat yourself like a tender shoot, the fresh sprouts of snowdrops or fragile still-green daffodils-- be gentle. We are still new, and we can't expect to embody the pioneering, warrior Ram right away.

In fact, it's important that we remember our mind (Mercury) is still in the sign of Pisces until the end of this coming week. So while our ego may want to forge ahead into new territory, our minds are still processing what we have had to let go of through the closing of last year. We are still connected to the dreams and imaginings of the Fish. If we navigated the last turn of the Wheel appropriately, we can co-create with the Ram to put those dreams into action. But for now, patience is key.


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