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Fundraiser March 31st 7pm Relax and Renew: A Sound Bath: By Lori Fitzpatrick

This will be a special Integrated Recovery Practice Night with the one and only Mike and Lori of Healing Vibrations. We will be open to non-members for this gathering to enjoy a healing sound bath all while raising money for the Bay Staters For Natural Medicine and PSC&M. We will be offering up a Lion's Mane Chai, with an Ayurvedic herb elixir by Microdrops {meet the founder Andera Shuman here and follow her!} Warm your body and wake up your senses while you soothe your mind. Meet up at 7pm to sip, 7:30 we will move upstairs, shoes off, to enjoy a one-hour sound bath. Please share and RSVP! We bow to Open Doors Yoga Studio for donating the beautiful space to us!

Your support enables us to provide 8 monthly classes including Rise Up breathwork with Matt Thompson and Yoga with Ana for the community. Beginner chair yoga all the way up to standing poses along with classes ranging from 30-60min. Follow us on Youtube and subscribe for notifications to connect with the crew. We are working to support other organizations which are fighting for all plant-based remedies which can be grown and shared with each other in the community with care and integrity. Supporting organizations that promote plant-based remedies can have a positive impact on both individual and community health, as well as the environment. Plant-based remedies have been used for centuries to treat various ailments, and many people today are turning to these natural remedies as an alternative to conventional medicine. We appreciate our members sharing their passion and knowledge with us!

Sound Baths are based on the ancient system of healing that has been used in

the Himalayas for thousands of years. Participants lay comfortably on their backs,

supported by bolsters and pillows, while they are surrounded by a melodic

symphony of sound, vibration, and reiki energy. Himalayan singing bowls are unique

because they emit a vibrational frequency that can not only be heard but felt. The

curative vibration that resonates from the bowls interacts with the cellular

structure to release buried emotional and physical trauma lodged deep within the

body. All of the bowls are hand hammered and made by Tibetan monks living in

Nepal where they are blessed on the monastery before distribution. The tranquil

tones from the singing bowls and gongs are interwoven with a unique assortment of

indigenous sacred instruments and crystal tones, creating a complete surround

sound experience. Essential oils and light reiki on key chakra points are a

complimentary part of the sessions. These combined healing modalities create a

potent experience, leaving participants feeling lighter, healthier, and more at ease.

Sound therapy has been known to be effective in treating many common ailments

such as:

● Headaches

● Insomnia

● Pain

● Addictions

● Stress

Join us at 7pm at 63 Washington St. Weymouth Ma and at 7:30 we will move upstairs to Open Doors.

Please no alcohol

Please no shoes

Please no food

Water and chai will be provided, we discourage the use of plastic water bottles, but will have plenty of tea, coffee, water and seltzers. We generally encourage a carry-in-carry-out mentality. Please consider bringing your own mat, cup, blanket or anything else to make you especially comfortable during the healing.

We appreciate your support! All funds raised will be equally divided between PCSM and Baystaters. Please RSVP and reserve your ticket today!

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