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Full Moon in Sagittarius

On Tuesday, June 14th at 7:52 eastern time, we will have a sparkling Sagittarius Full Moon. As always, the Full Moon is a moment of culmination, when the energy that was present at the time of the New Moon reaches its peak, and also its opposite. It is a time when our magic is high, but so is our need to surrender and go with the flow. Truly anything can happen at a full moon - after all, it's where the term lunacy comes from - and this particular full moon is all about dreaming big and aligning with our spiritual truth.

Gemini season, though, isn't typically a time of contemplation. I see Gemini as the bee, buzzing from flower to flower, working hard and playing hard, filling every last moment of the day with stuff. Gemini energy loves to observe and then immediately turn it into communication - perhaps that's why Geminis are considered to be gossips. Their gossip isn't hurtful, however - Geminis just find people fascinating and can't help but chat about it. During Gemini season, we often feel like our energy is scattered as we run around doing a million things at once. In fact, as of Monday, the ruler of Gemini (Mercury) re-enters the sign of Gemini after retrograding, so our minds are busy-busy-busy.

And yet, the Full Moon is a glimpse of Gemini's opposite sign, Sagittarius (every Full Moon is an expression of the zodiac sign that opposes the one the Sun is currently in). The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is called "The Axis of the Mind." Both signs are considered masculine (Gemini - Air, Sag - Fire) and therefore are both ever-moving, active, rational. But the focus of that active energy is very different.

Instead of the who-what-where-when gossip of Gemini, the Sagittarius Full Moon is a moment when our hearts ask, why? Why are we running around in a million directions? What is all of this for? Is it in alignment with my truth? Does it make me feel alive, inspired, expanded, and happy? The Sag Full Moon is a moment of higher awareness in the midst of trivial minutiae. It is a time to dream big, cast a vision, and elevate our consciousness.

This Full Moon is particularly dreamy because it creates a t-square aspect pattern, pointing to the more spiritual, inspired, woo-woo planet of all, Neptune, in the very sign it rules, Pisces. This creates a diametric opposition, a challenging situation that drives us to make a choice and adopt a new course of action. Pisces is a feminine (water) sign, unlike the masculine and mental/active focus of Gemini/Sagittarius, challenging us to make space in our lives for connection, for compassion, for miracles. It begs us to connect with our spiritual truth, our faith that the Universe is on our side, our belief in oneness that transcends all perceived separation. It may mean that a situation arises with this Full Moon that forces us to question our faith, and we will have to choose whether to integrate our dreams or retreat back into our rational minds.

After all, we are only truly balanced, aligned humans when we embody both the masculine, rational, active principle as well as the feminine, spiritual, receptive one. This Full Moon will challenge us to expand our definition of ourselves and to remember that no matter how busy and full our days are, none of it matters if it isn't in alignment with our highest truth, our soul.


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