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Full Moon in Loud & Proud Leo

This Wednesday, February 16th we will have a dazzling Full Moon in the sign of the lion, Leo. Like a lion, Leo likes to be noticed, and when the Moon is in this show-boating sign, we'll all be feeling a little more confident, courageous, and bold.

Full Moons are the moment of culmination of each 28-day lunar cycle, and they always occur in the zodiac sign opposite the Sun. So, while Aquarius season has us considering the collective greater good, this Leo Full Moon is a moment to step out of the shadow and into the spotlight and sing our pretty little hearts out.

Because Leo knows how to have fun. While last month's Capricorn season had us feeling serious and this month is all about the big picture, Leo doesn't really give a damn. It just wants to shake out its mane, strut its stuff, and be silly for a change.

To embrace this Full Moon, we ask ourselves: "How can I show up with more confidence? Where can I let loose a little, command some attention, and embrace my innate power?" Of course, as we're all feeling this, it may be a time when tempers flare a bit and personalities clash. But I can tell you what the Leo Full Moon won't be -- boring.

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