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What to expect!

As humans, we have a primal urge to sit in circle. Our tables, campfires, families and social networks ARE circles. We share our wisdom, commune, connect, get vulnerable, tell our stories, nourish ourselves and each other through these circles.

The full moon circle is a gathering place for like minded, Soulful spirits seeking connection.

We gather in ceremony to release and clear our energies, recenter our alignment and focus on manifesting our intentions. We share our stories and hold space for one another. We receive channeled messages from the universe and our ancestors. we connect in all ways.

This Leo full moon is calling us to release all blocks around love, self expression and communication. This is a new cycle. We are called to release all the patterns that no longer serve us and focus on being the embodiment of love so that we can call in the love we need to see in our relationships, groups, families and circles.

Please join us in ceremony at PCS&M Weymouth on Saturday, February 19 7-9pm $20 suggested donation


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