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The Beat of Your Birthright: Why Music is our Sacrament

Sacraments typically signify something sacred or significant to the soul. They connect us to spirit, the divine cosmic energy, and take us beyond the 3D world we are living in. As we lay the foundations of our church, I am often asked about our holy sacrament. Why do we say music is our religion? And why do we share this sacrament at our service each week at high noon known as Soul Saturday? Well, as a tool for self-expression and growth, our co-founder and Reverend Jay spent his formative years working hard to raise the vibration by throwing dance parties on the beach of San Diego, spinning records at parties, and even at the birth of his children. Music can instantly change your mood, reflecting either your joy or pain and increasing or decreasing your energy as needed by your situation and condition.

There isn’t a time when a song isn’t stuck in my head. This summer, and most of my life, was shaped by experiences of being at one with the divine, a true source of joy that we find when in connection with other humans who are all vibing to a similar experience at a concert. Absorbing the frequency of live music or that which streams out of a DJ booth, our hearts and bodies become one in a sea of rhythmic dance. In this space, I feel free to express my inner workings, whether happiness or turmoil, and channel it with a release into the external world through dance. When others around me are invoking those same feelings of love and passion, or even pain, I am truly inspired to believe that the world isn’t such a bad place to exist. We are able to show up and be human and just feel and BE. For me, music IS the light. When I feel lost or broken, simply walking into a nightclub and seeing the joyful faces of those embraced by the glow of the DJ or live band, can truly be a religious experience.

Music's Impact on my life has been significant, to say the least! After all, I met Rev. Jay while dancing at a Reggae night in Cambridge. We danced together before few words were even spoken. I felt safe, calm, and happy sharing in the sacred space of the dance floor and could feel how special of a human he was just with his body language. My Grandparents all loved to dance. I remember Grammy and Grandpa seeming to be gliding across the living room in front of the Christmas tree, barely touching the ground. There is joy in these romantic memories, seeing two loves in sync with the music and harmony. The humans who made my parents openly expressing their passion for one another is truly a gift I will cherish forever.

The raves and concerts of our youth held the same sacredness of traditional religious rituals where we felt part of a tribe. Just like people turn to religion for a sense of purpose, the pilgrimage to pack up and travel miles to commune at festivals brings about the same feeling of living for the same purpose. It is a way to spread joy, harmony, and peace in this ever growing chaotic world. Music has the power to transcend cultural, logical, linguistic, and geographical boundaries, making it a universal language that connects people worldwide. The universal quality of music adds to its sacredness, as when traveling abroad, it was always a treat to find a full moon gathering or local watering hole where music was the only thing we needed to focus on to learn about local culture.

Music as a sacrament is one of our sincerely held religious convictions as it is another way to integrate our passion for life and simultaneously release pent-up emotions. Please consider joining us Friday night as we explore yet another modality for healing in community. We bow to our member Aaron for bringing us this offering to share his love and passion for drumming. Please bring a drum if you have one and share in the circle by RSVP-ing HERE.

Love and Light - Sandy


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