Eclipse Season is Coming!

What a wild Full Moon we just had!

For those of you who missed my Full Moon post or last week’s discussion, Saturday was a Libra Full Moon, likely bringing up concerns of independence versus codependence, particularly in our one-to-one partnerships. We also had that sparkling, spiritual, but slightly hazy conjunction between Neptune & Jupiter in PIsces, meaning we were dreaming big but forgetting to focus.

This week we head towards the New Moon again, so we disseminate and process the aftermath of whatever came up for us over this holiday weekend, where we have Easter, Passover, and Ramadan. Pagan cultures as well as today’s religious holidays mark the significance of this time of year. New life, new beginnings, a fresh start. I see it scrolling social media, seeing smiling faces again after all of the pain and confusion of the last two years.

Our world is different now. Spring reminds us to embrace its message of renewal, of liberation, of innocence to forge a brighter future. But we would be remiss to forget the lessons of the previous year. And with se