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Eclipse Season is Coming!

What a wild Full Moon we just had!

For those of you who missed my Full Moon post or last week’s discussion, Saturday was a Libra Full Moon, likely bringing up concerns of independence versus codependence, particularly in our one-to-one partnerships. We also had that sparkling, spiritual, but slightly hazy conjunction between Neptune & Jupiter in PIsces, meaning we were dreaming big but forgetting to focus.

This week we head towards the New Moon again, so we disseminate and process the aftermath of whatever came up for us over this holiday weekend, where we have Easter, Passover, and Ramadan. Pagan cultures as well as today’s religious holidays mark the significance of this time of year. New life, new beginnings, a fresh start. I see it scrolling social media, seeing smiling faces again after all of the pain and confusion of the last two years.

Our world is different now. Spring reminds us to embrace its message of renewal, of liberation, of innocence to forge a brighter future. But we would be remiss to forget the lessons of the previous year. And with several planets (Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune) now in Pisces - the sign of reflection, spiritual vision, and connection to oneness - we are still very much tied to the wisdom and compassion of all we have endured as a culture. Whether we integrate that wisdom to be gentler and kinder, or we twist it to fit our narrative as a victim or martyr, is up to us.

Aries Season comes to a close on Tuesday, April 19th as the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus. The flushed, fiery, pioneering energy of the Ram shifts to the more grounded, peaceful, sensual nature of the Bull. Things slow down a bit but still burst forth in lush, green abundance. The Taurus - Scorpio axis is the axis of Eclipses for the next year and a half, so let’s dig into this a bit.

For ancient, pre-telecope astrologers, eclipses were perhaps the most significant observable phenomena. Think about it - suddenly the Sun is blotted out, casting the world into darkness. What could that significance possibly mean? When they discovered that this could be tracked and predicted using calculations known as “Nodes of the Moon,” they must have been absolutely shocked.

When considering how these eclipses might affect us on a personal level, we have to remember how intense they were to ancient astrologers. They signify major change in the area of the chart where they occur. Lunar Eclipses tend to be felt on a personal level, while Solar Eclipses often bring about major change on the level of culture and society. Where does Taurus - Scorpio fall in your chart? These Houses will tell you where to expect big shifts to occur. For me, Taurus rules my 11th house of friendships, future hopes and dreams, and sudden change. The New Moon Lunar Eclipse coming April 30th happens to fall just a day after my birthday, so it’s going to be a big year for me!

Take a look at your chart or better yet, reach out to me to discover how to co-create with this powerful eclipse energy this year.

Tune in to Luna See with Colleen Marie, today at High Noon only on the Relevnt App, for more about the stars in the week ahead. Download the app and follow PCSM SoulCast to subscribe.


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