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Cultivating Self Love through Affirmations

Dear PCS&M Tribe,

It is an honor to continue the practice of cultivating love together to raise the vibrations for the good of the whole.

This week we will be reflecting on Self Love through affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements we can say to empower ourselves from negative thoughts that lower our vibrations and flow of energy. Affirmations have the power to ground us and empower us.

We can access and say our affirmations anytime, anywhere.

I invite you to give these affirmations a try. You are welcome to write your own affirmations as well.

I am full of gratitude

I am present

I am safe

I am enough

I choose to send love

I am resilient

I am worthy

I am kind to myself and others

I attract love

I am confident and value myself

I accept myself with love, respect and appreciation

I am strong

I am loved

I love myself

I honor my boundaries

I have everything I need

I let go of limiting beliefs and choose to trust myself

I grow with every challenge

I choose to vibrate high

I am creative

I am love

I am here

Affirmations come from the heart. They allow us to fall in the arms of love and give us freedom to evolve.

How do we begin an affirmation practice?

You’re welcome to say these affirmations (or write down your own). Decide on a time that works for you. Maybe in the morning as part of your self care time routine.

Begin by repeating the words silently or out loud to yourself, or both. See what it feels like to repeat five times or repeat as many times as you’d like. Essentially, you can repeat these affirmations any time, anywhere with intention. out loud or silently to yourself.

Notice how you feel afterward. Then notice what resonates after a few days of this practice. This is one way we can begin to cultivate our self love, self care practices to help nourish ourselves, our heart space, our souls; keeping vibrations high.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday for our Chair Yoga practice at 1:30 pm (EST). Lets rise together.

Love, peace and high vibes,


Your Self Care Doula and Yoga teacher


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