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Balance your Energy

By: Danielle Rizzo Mckenna of Breathe and Bloom Holistic Wellness

Do you know where your gifts lie? Do you know what you bring to the tables of your families, communities, and social circles?

When we step into our power and know the value of the gifts we bring, it’s necessary to set strong boundaries around our time and energy so that we can make sure we are not squandering resources and pointing our energy where it’s not being reciprocated.

Self care is not selfish... it’s necessary. It’s our responsibility, both to ourselves and the collective. We have a responsibility to keep our own energy balanced. What tools can assist in this?

1. Reiki energy healings which will help you clear old stuck energy in your energetic bodies.

2. Soul council will help you discover past traumas and blocks that are holding you back from true happiness.

3. spending time in ceremony with community through circles will enforce the universe's message that you are completely loved and supported. 4. a weekly dedicated, mindful yoga practice will help you really bring all aspects of mind, body, and spirit together which will bring harmony and inner peace.

Let's practice techniques to empower and appreciate our whole selves so we can show up as our highest and best. Together.

Blessed be.

Please join Danielle Rizzo McKenna for weekly Self Love Yoga and Healing every Saturday at 9 am at My Happy Place Studio, East Bridgewater 1.5 hour $25

Please join Danielle for a monthly Full Moon circle that will help us center, ground, and connect to the collective, ourselves, and Creator through guided meditation, community, and ceremony.

Full Moon circle March 19, 7 pm.

PCS&M church, Weymouth

Reiki, Tarot, Mediumship, and Soul Council sessions with Danielle available by appointment.

To schedule call 781-267-4277


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