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2.22.22 Portal

This week brings a truly powerful opportunity for massive relationship healing. We have the 2.22.22 portal Tuesday, and 2 in numerology rules all things partnership - romantic or otherwise. One-to-one relationships are so vital to the human experience, and they are also often the most challenging domain to heal because our partners are our mirrors. We project onto them all of our expectations and dreams, as well as sometimes our trauma and pain. We are taught to go to our partners for validation, and this creates a dangerous feedback loop where we can easily lose our self-awareness, denying personal responsibility and instead doing the constant dance of bending to fit around each other.

Truly enlightened romantic partnerships require a massive healing of the wound of attachment, shifting the focus from seeing ourselves as just one half of a whole to being whole in our own right. The parable of the Missing Piece comes to mind - in the end, the piece was only happy when he worked on himself to become a whole. This can be done within a flesh-and-blood partnership or on your own - you won’t hear me saying one is preferable – or easier, for that matter. So, whether you are partnered or not, this week is likely to bring up issues from the past in order for them to be processed and, hopefully, released.

The good news is that with the Sun now coming into alignment with Jupiter, we aren’t quite as hard on ourselves as we were earlier this month when the Sun was aligned with serious Saturn. This Sun-Jupiter conjunction starts this week and lasts until mid-March, and brings with it a breath of fresh air. I woke up this morning and heard birds chirping… Spring is coming, after all. Optimism, enthusiasm, goodwill & generosity are common themes of Sun-Jupiter - I think we could all agree we need some of that. Jupiter is also the planet of luck, so bring on those golden opportunities! The potential pitfall here is biting off more than we can chew, over-inflating our self-importance, and perhaps being a bit impulsive.

Tune into Monday's Relevnt podcast, Luna See with Colleen Marie, at High Noon for more! And head on over to to book a personal Natal Chart reading. We all need a little astrology to help us along. After all, the stars are on our side!


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