The Paradox of the Mother and the Cancer New Moon

On Tuesday, June 28th 2022, we have a New Moon in Cancer. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon - so this New Moon is always a powerful one.

Since the dawn of humanity, the Moon has fascinated us. Evidence suggests that the Moon was the first planetary body to be tracked, its varying yet predictable cycle captivating early star-gazers. Its significance as a symbol and expression of the Divine Feminine is unavoidable: its 29.5-day cycle aligning with the menstrual cycle of women solidifies it as analogous to the feminine.

Like women, the Moon is changeable and mysterious. Its gravity pulls on the tides, affecting the water of the Earth, just as women are so attuned to the emotional tides that reside within. It is a beacon of hope in the darkness, shedding light on that which is misunderstood. The Moon is the Great Mother in the sky, and the New Moon in Cancer has us searching for her now more than ever.

Motherhood, like all things in life, holds within its very essence a fascinating paradox. A child is born completely and inextricably reliant on its mother. To care for and nurture an infant is a 24/7 commitment, requiring an enormous sacrifice of the mother (or primary caregiver). And yet slowly but surely, the child becomes more and more independent. Therein lies the great paradox of motherhood: the