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The Gift of Mantra

I am Love. I am joy. I am grounded.

I am creative. I am kind. I am calm.

I release fear. I accept help. I am safe.

I am one with the Universe.

I have everything I need.

A Mantra is a repetition of positive words or phrases you say to yourself that are meaningful to you. It is a way we can bring ourselves to the present moment to support and care for ourselves. It is also a way to propel us towards awarenesses and pattern shifts. These words or phrases can be said once a day or throughout the day.

Words are powerful. To say them with intention amplifies them.

Let's take a moment to reflect on ourselves and think of some of the things you would like to bring into your life. I invite you to take a moment to think of some words or phrases that are meaningful to you. It will empower you to raise your vibration.

Creating a practice like this is a wonderful way to help shift our negative patterns of thinking. Negative thinking lowers our vibration and we always want to aim high!

Try it for a week. Observe how you feel.

I love reading Mantras. To me, they read like prayers. Saying them out loud feels powerful. But you can of course, say them to yourself. There is beauty in this practice and we have a gift that has the power to shift ourselves to feeling more one with everyone and everything around us.

For this Wednesday's practice, join me at 1pm inside the PCS&M Chapel for Yoga with Ana, where we will bring in the practice of Mantra to raise the vibration in community. We will also be streaming live only on the Relevnt App, hosted by WeedSpeek. Click on the link to register

See you there!



Resident Yoga Teacher and Self Care Doula

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Sandy Bernier
Sandy Bernier
17 ago 2022

See you tomorrow

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