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Integration. Hope. Connection.

Everyone deserves a safe and sacred space to be.
To embody LOVE.

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Healing Happens in Community

PCS&M Church is presently engaged in a fundraising campaign to establish an agricultural retreat center. This center aims to reconnect individuals with nature while providing valuable resources such as guidance on cultivating food, creating natural remedies, engaging in challenging adventures, sharing skills, and participating in workshops for self-reliance. Our mission is centered on creating meaningful change and leaving a positive impact on the planet for future generations.


The skills required to maintain sustainability include farming, off-grid building, and herbal medicine making. Together we can create a space for all of our members to come together in ceremony, whether a wedding, end-of-life party, or skill-sharing retreat, that is equally sacred and practical. 

Our mission: releasing all the things stuck inside of us that no longer serve our highest potential. A place to connect with other like-minded humans who want to come together to work on their own self-healing. Using modalities like breathwork, somatic movement, ecstatic dance, and yoga we shift the energy within us to remove blockages.

Why Join the PCS&M Community?

Our mission is to increase resilience, strengthen relationships, improve mental health, relieve stress, and enhance creativity and purpose. We create community programs to explore healing in a safe and sacred space.  

"We are all recovering from something."


Summer Services held at
Education and resource center located at
63 Washington St Weymouth, Ma
Also check us out on YouTube

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Our Services include:

Soul Saturday

High Noon 12pm


Rise Up

Tuesday 11am

Self Care

Mid-Week Reset

Gentle Flow

Yoga with Ana

Wednesday 1pm

A Federally Recognized 501(c)3
Benevolent Charity

Integrated Recovery Practices

Networking, exploring our true purpose, in a sober environment

Friday 7pm

Choose the Membership That Fits You Best

Enjoy unlimited access to our online community as well as in-person access to all our events, cancel anytime you wish..

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$250 Yearly

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$25 Monthly

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“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.....

WE have to be willing to challenge because we are in desperate need of change."

Carl Sagan

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