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We invite you to our Cacaocita Circle

What’s up, ever-expanding soul tribe?

I am so grateful and honored to share about one of my favorite medicines in the world, mama cacao. Mama cacao grows all over Costa Rica, where I currently live. This medicine is well-known as a heart expander and a heart-centered remedy. It is incredibly supportive of the throat chakra, helping us connect more deeply to our voices and expressions. I will be sharing in circle at People's Congregation of Shakers and Movers, please RSVP!

She invites us to move from a worrying mind to an open heart.". Mama cacao has been served in ceremonies worldwide for several years, yet the ceremony prayers originated within indigenous practices, particularly in Guatemala and Mexico. This medicine is not only spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and energetically supportive, it is also a superfood! She is packed full of vitamins A, C, D, E, B, B1, B2, B3, and pantothenic acid, loaded with essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium, and phosphorus. As if cacao wasn’t already incredible enough, she is LOADED with polyphenols, which protect us against oxidative stress and degenerative diseases.

You may wondering, who is this mysterious being in Costa Rica? My name is Kristina Love and I am a medicine woman– mama cacao has supported my healing journey in a variety of ways, among other beautiful plant medicines. I’ve been walking my path of healing for the past ten years and I’ve gone deep into alchemizing my shadows, limiting beliefs, and ancestral trauma/current life trauma. In a lot of ways, it’s truly a miracle that I get to be sitting here on my couch deep in the jungle, writing about something that I’m so passionate about.

You see, I used to live a very different life. For a long time, all I knew was darkness and pain. I experienced hunger, overdoses, scarcity, homelessness, lack of direction, and PTSD. I struggled with health issues like autoimmune disorders, anxiety, and depression, and I wasn't stable. I didn't want to live. I tried to take my own life three different times, yet Spirit never let me get away with it. It wasn't until I started walking the medicine path that I began to feel at home within my body because I received the support I desperately needed to confront myself, my blind spots, my blocks, and my trauma.

Cacao has helped me discover my heart amid relatively intense healing. While I've always felt connected to my heart since I began working with our beloved fungi friends at the age of 16, Mama Cacao has helped me remain grounded in my heart much more often. There’s such a difference between remaining dropped into our hearts and being connected to our hearts. To be inside of the heart is different than holding our heart’s hand. More importantly, I have found that it’s necessary to break down our heart’s barriers and walls to rest inside our heart

center. I find that Mama Cacao is an incredible ally, teacher, and guide within these


My favorite cacao grows locally to where I live, Mt. Chirripo, Central Costa Rica.

Not only is this ceremonial-grade cacao organic, but it is also locally grown to where I live, locally harvested, and locally pressed into the cacao blocks. I know the sweet older woman

who puts her whole heart into medicine and she is so humble, kind, gentle,

nurturing, and loving just like Mama Cacao– she even shapes her cacao blocks into the

shape of a heart! Her cacao oozes and vibrates with an abundance of love, and I am so

honored and grateful to support her, her work, and her mission in life.

Thank you for being here and catching a bit of a glimpse of my love for mama

cacao and the impact she has had on my life’s journey. I will be bringing back some

blocks of cacao from Costa Rica if you are interested in receiving and

experiencing this medicine for yourself! It will be available through our church and Irie Bliss Wellness. Please reach out to Sandy accordingly.

In gratitude & service,

Kristina Love


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