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Virgo Full Moon 3.18.22

This week we approach the Full Moon in Virgo as Pisces season comes to a close, ushering in the astrological new year with the Sun moving into the sign of Aries.

Pisces season is a time of letting go, surrender, and deep connection to the cosmos. We release the darkness of winter to make way for the hustle and bustle of spring, and it can be a beautiful time of renewal and peace. At the same time, it can be a tough month for those of us who identify primarily with the ego side of our brains - when we try too hard to control and direct our reality, it can go awry.

As always, the Full Moon happens in the sign that is the astrological opposite to the Sun; in this case, Virgo. The Pisces-Virgo axis is an interesting one. It is one of healing, purification, and striving for perfection through two very different avenues - one, absolute surrender to the divine, the other, seeing the divine in the minutiae of three-dimensional life.

The week leading up to the Full Moon is an important one. We often feel a little manic– it feels as though time is speeding up as we approach the peak of light in the lunar month. The Full Moon is known to feel a little “crazy” (hence, lunacy) in part because it brings whatever energy is most “missing” from the zodiac sign the Sun is in to the forefront. This kind of “out-of-character” energy is part of what makes the Full Moon feel like such an intense time, and this month is no different.

Virgo Full Moon brings in a shift from ethereal, spiritual, perhaps a little absent-minded Pisces to fixated, grounded, attention-to-detail Virgo. As we approach this Full Moon, the theme is “perfection” - a desire to be the best version of ourselves, which is a beautiful thing, as long as we don’t let it overwhelm us. Self-criticism is common when the Moon is full in Virgo, but so is the ability to hyper-focus on the task at hand and cross those T’s and dot those I’s. How we direct that energy is up to us. As long as we are peacefully productive rather than tearing ourselves down, we’ll co-create beautifully with the Full Moon!


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