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Tuesday's Blood Moon Eclipse

On Tuesday, November 8th - which just so happens to be Election Day here in the U.S. - we will have a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus at 6:03 am EDT. Total lunar eclipses are called "blood moons" because the moon is bathed in a reddish glow. It will be visible to everyone in the United States, although those of us on the East Coast will only see it for a few moments before the sun rises Tuesday morning.

The Scorpio-Taurus axis is that of trust, security, and power. In the midst of the intensity and sometimes over-reactive energy of Scorpio season, the Taurus Full Moon demands that we slow down; appreciate what is physical, tangible, and comforting; and simply be. But this may feel quite difficult...

Lunar Eclipses bring inward-focused revelations, often initiated by outward events beyond our control. This particular Full Moon is also linked with Uranus, likely bringing up feelings of impulsivity, restlessness, and rash action.

Meanwhile, the Sun-Mercury-Venus stellium in Scorpio (and Mars retrograde in Gemini) could be causing communication struggles, especially in our close relationships.

All of the above is square to Saturn... not gonna lie, this isn't a stress-free Full Moon. Saturn always adds some heaviness and this harsh square has us under pressure. I know many of us are feeling this lately, both internally and on the global stage.

This Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse demands change. It may become clear that certain structures in our lives are no longer working for our greatest good. While I don't recommend taking rash action to change those structures overnight, I do urge all of us to pay attention to any emotional epiphanies that arise in response to these unexpected changes. Eclipses and square aspects are opportunities to clear out aspects of our lives that are no longer working, so once the initial reactivity has worn off by the end of the week, it's time to make some changes.

The antidote for all of this intensity lies in the inherent nature of the Taurus Full Moon. This is the most powerful Moon of the year to connect with nature and radical self-care. Get out in the woods, walk the beach, climb a mountain. Snuggle with pets or your kids. Make some delicious, decadent comfort food. Get a massage or Reiki. Let's use this Full Moon as an excuse to give ourselves some extra time, some extra nourishment, some extra love.


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