The Unexpected Energy of Eclipse Season

Imagine, for a moment, that we are living in a time before electricity, before any artificial light. Perhaps the stars hold some fascination as they blink on each evening, or the moon’s changing phases may be something you track.

But when an eclipse occurs – a sudden darkness in the middle of day, as if a shadow passes over the sun – this would not be just a vague curiosity. It would likely make us stop everything and pay attention. This is precisely the astrological significance of an eclipse.

Eclipses occur at New Moons (Solar Eclipse) and Full Moons (Lunar Eclipse) along the axis of two opposing signs, staying in the same pair of signs for approximately 18 months. For example, this particular eclipse cycle has been active since January 2022 and it has been in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, and it will stay in these signs until July 2023.

Eclipses are indicative of massive, unforeseen, and sudden change. They tend to herald dramatic breakthroughs to really get us moving, shaking us out of any semblance of complacency or “stuckness” we have in our lives. When something unusual happens near an eclipse, know that it is happening for a reason. Like a physical eclipse, expect new insight into the darkness where we are capable of confronting our “shadow” side more readily, helping us to do things we may have never thought we could.

This particular Eclipse season will be felt quite intensely by all fixed signs: Taurus and Scorpio, of course, but also Leo and Aquarius.