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The Extended Madness of Mars in Gemini

To the layperson, it may seem overwhelming to learn that we are influenced not just by the movement of the Sun through the signs (creating the “sign” we call ourselves by) but also by the transits of all the planets in our solar system. That means we all have a specific Moon sign, Mercury sign, Venus sign, Mars sign, and so on, based on where in the zodiac these planets were at the moment of our birth.

As it happens, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars are called “personal” planets (and luminaries - but astrologers still call the Sun & Moon planets, for ease of reference). They move quite swiftly through the signs, so they tend to influence our personality more directly. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are considered transpersonal - as they move more slowly, many individuals born within a few years’ time share them. They tell us more about the societal and generational themes than about an individual’s personality.

Today, our focus is on the red planet: Mars. Mars, named for the God of War, has always been associated with the more “yang” side of things: action, drive (including sex drive), energy, passion, and initiative. Mars rules all things assertive, adventurous, acquiring, and anger-related.

Typically, it takes approximately six weeks for Mars to transit through a particular sign. For example, Mars was in the sign of Taurus from July 5 - August 19, 2022, and before that, in Aries from May 25 - July 4. Mars is currently in the sign of Gemini and will stay here, wait for it… until March 24, 2023!

How can this be? Mars, like all planets - notably our good friend Mercury - occasionally goes retrograde. This is simply an optical illusion whereby planets appear to move backwards in the sky, but it still has an enormous implication on how a planet operates. Sometimes a planet will retrograde backwards into the sign preceding where it started its movement, but this time… not the case. Instead, Mars will move forward (direct) to 25 degrees Gemini until October 30th, where it will then move backwards (retrograde) to 8 degrees Gemini on January 12th, 2023, and then it will retrace its steps until finally moving out of Gemini and into Cancer on March 24.

Now that we’ve covered what’s happening in the zodiac, the more important question is this: how will it affect me & my life?

Gemini energy casts a very unique vibe over Mars. Gemini, a mutable Air sign, is busy, buzzy, and easily bored. By nature, Mars wants to take action first and think later, but Gemini is way more in its own head, potentially causing our active natures to be a little more scattered, unfocused, and perhaps tempted to cause a little mischief. Gemini is an intellectual sign and a master debater (yes pun intended, I couldn’t help myself), so when Mars is here, we may find ourselves using our words to express anger and maybe even inflict harm. Words are more brash, direct, and honest when Mars in Gemini - not always a bad thing - but watch for divulging too much. The potential for word vomit is high. Overall, this could be a time when you want to be constantly busy, involved in everything, and never bored.

When Mars goes retrograde later this fall, from October 30th until January 12th, the same positive self-expression and honesty could become repressed. Frustration may be more common and emotional meltdowns are a definite risk. Communication issues are to be expected and hidden anger could come bubbling to the surface.

How do we co-create with this energy? Use the next eight weeks to say what’s on your mind. Release any anger in an honest, direct, and cathartic way. That way, when we hit retrograde come Halloween, hopefully we will have gotten it out of our system!

Mars in Gemini can be really fun, if we don’t let our minds and words run away from us. Embrace the light-heartedness and humor and know that while it may seem like it lasts forever, Mars in Gemini will pass!


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