The Busy Buzz of Gemini Season

Yesterday, I was giving a mediumship reading when my client asked if I was getting any messages about bees - she had recently discovered a hive in her home, of all places, and was wondering if it was a message from spirit or someone on the other side.

Little did she know, a few minutes before she sat down, a bee had come into the room I was in and was buzzing in the window shade. It was a honey bee and I didn't want to kill it, so I left it alone - not before saying out loud to my colleague, "Hmm, I wonder if that little bee has a message for one of my clients today."

Just moments after this particular client left, the bee reappeared, flying into the glass at the backdoor. I opened it and she flew out. Apparently she had fulfilled her spiritual duty for the day and was ready to get back to being a normal bee!

This visit from the bee was perfectly timed considering the Sun moves into the sign of Gemini on Friday, May 20th. Whereas Taurus Season is a moment of peaceful contemplation of the innocent beauty of early spring, Gemini season is all systems go. The spring sports, the proms and gradu