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The Art of Doing Nothing

There is an art to doing nothing. Surely we can all do nothing. We can also think and feel like doing nothing is wasting time. But is it? I am truly speaking about doing absolutely, nothing.

We are constantly thinking about so many things. Sometimes it could even feel like we can not, not do nothing because there is always something going on; our mind is always on. Scheduling our down time can also help us force ourselves to rest outside of sleep.

We can easily associate doing nothing with the feelings of guilt and anxiety. When we detach ourselves from these kind of feelings and really look at "doing nothing" as self care, "doing nothing" transforms. Let's try to leave those negative thoughts behind and release the guild and anxiety or any other less than kind thought.

Doing nothing with no interruptions from technology is self care. You are giving yourself a break from stimulation. Stimulations are ongoing, and so setting a boundary to remove outside stimulation for the time being, is a loving act of self care and loving kindness to ourselves.

The art of doing nothing requires us to let go, set aside any negative feelings and give ourselves the permission to nurturing ourselves. The art of doing nothing is healing compassion, inviting rejuvenation and energy for what comes next.

Take a moment, start with five or ten minutes, set your phone on Do Not Disturb and place it aside. Find a moment of uninterrupted time and a comfortable place where you can lie down, sit or recline yourself. Take a few deep breaths to settle in, maybe close your eyes and think of how good you feel settling into your self. This is an art of perfection in the essence of just being, doing nothing, giving yourself self love. When you do this, breath in these words or any loving kind words into yourself.

I am here,

I am worthy of rest,

I am safe,

I nurture myself,

I value my time,

I release guilt,

I am self love,

I elevate my vibration.

(Repeat several times until you begin to feel the words)

All the while blissfully resting, surrendering, doing nothing, you are raising your vibration. Being present in the moment and allowing yourself to be. Dissolve into nothingness.

Hope to see you Wednesday at 1 pm to connect through yoga, breath and kind words.

With love and high vibrations,


Resident Yoga Teacher and Self Care Doula


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